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Insects&Pest    Page

This Page will have as many links and info that i can find relating to gettin rid of or controlling those damm unwanted insects and pests.I will add links as soon as i find them hopefully my page will beable to help some of you.

Links to pests and insects Organic Insect Pest Control pest control and info Natural Solutions, Inc INSECT AND PEST CONTROL PRODUCTS more links more links white fly page "Insect and Related Pests of Flowers and Foliage Plants" bug database INSECT HELP Integrated Pest Management Information more insect info Insecticide, Should You Use? Which? When? Should You Buy Lady Beetles for your Garden? Attracting Beneficial Insects to the Garden with Beneficial Flowers- Part One THRIPS .. PESTS SPIDER MITES Spider Mites Fungus Gnat
aphid link: ways to deal with APHIDS
APHIDS: aphids pic's and info